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Toilet Training: Getting Started

Toilet training can be a long and challenging process. Here are a few tips that can help get the process started.

1) Make the bathroom a fun place to be. When you are toilet training you spend a lot of time in the bathroom; before getting started with toilet training make sure that your child is able to spend time in the bathroom. Try to set up some fun activities that they can do while sitting on the toilet. Colouring, reading books or playing with toys are all great activities to keep them occupied.

2) Figure out how often and when they are voiding. Having some information on the time of day and number of times per day that your child is voiding lets you know the best time to begin toilet training and when you are going to be most likely to sit them on the toilet and have them go.

3) Have something great ready for them for when they use the toilet. In the initial stages of toilet training you want to be giving your child something great each time they void in the toilet. This can help to get them motivated to use the toilet every time in the beginning stages. You can be creative with this; some kids will love it when everyone cheers for them, others would like to choose a prize out of a surprise bin, keep it really fun.

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