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Toilet Training

When typical toilet training methods have failed we can help. Contact us for our toilet training support options.

Sleep Training

Does your child have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night? Applied Behaviour Consulting can help to increase the number of hours that your child sleeps at night, reduce night time awakenings and decrease the amount of time that it takes for them to fall asleep.

Picky Eaters

Will your child eat only a limited number of foods? If you would like help getting your child to eat more foods from various food groups click below.




Autism Services

Applied Behaviour Consulting provides ABA services to those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We will help you to select a goal, services and schedule that best suits your child and family's needs.




ADHD and Autism

Applied Behaviour Consulting provides specialized ABA services designed to teach problem solving, self management and planning and goal setting strategies to improve social skills, classroom skills and reduce challenging behaviours. Click the link below or contact us today for further information.

Skill Building

Together we can select a skill or several skills and help your child work towards achieving their full potential. An individualized program will be designed to provide your child with the foundational learning skills, life skills and academic skills that they need.

Challenging Behaviour

We can help to reduce challenging behaviours which delay learning new skills and functioning in important environments. This includes; aggression, self injurious behaviours, refusal to complete important activities and restricted/repetitive behaviours.

Communication Training

We can help you teach your child to better communicate their wants and needs using vocal communication or an alternative communication device that best suits their needs.

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