BCBA/BCaBA Supervision

The experience requirements to become a BCBA or BCaBA are outlined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Nicole Jacobs MPEd, BCBA provides supervision following the Behavior Analyst Certification Board requirements for supervised fieldwork to those in the process of acquiring their certification. Supervision includes but is not limited to; ongoing performance expectations and feedback, behavioural skills training and review of written materials. Supervision is individualized to meet each trainee's specific needs. 

We provide both remote and in person supervision depending upon location and availability. 

To qualify for supervision you must...

1) Have begun your BCBA or BCaBA coursework

2) Be working a minimum of 20 hours per month in the field of ABA

How long do we meet for?

A) The BACB requires that a minimum of 5% of your independent fieldwork hours are supervised. 

B) The minimum amount of independent fieldwork hours required is 20 hour per month and the maximum number of hours is 130.

C) We will meet a minimum of twice per month.

D) A minimum of two observations will be completed each month.

What does the process look like?

1) We will set up a free initial meeting to review the supervision contract, goals and requirements.

2) We will meet a minimum of 2 times per month at scheduled times.

Meetings may include...

  • ethics reviews

  • observation (video/in-person, minimum 2 per month)

  • performance feedback

  • behavioural skills training

  •  literature reviews

  •  terminology review.