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A Bedtime Routine

If you've read my previous post you've now figured out the ideal bedtime, or maybe you already know it. But now how do you (or your child) go to bed and fall asleep at that bedtime?

Lots of us know when we should go to bed but when we do go to bed at that time we can't fall asleep. Here are some tips to help you create your own bedtime routine that is going to help make it more likely that you will fall asleep quickly (these tips apply to both adults looking to get more sleep themselves and adults trying to have their children sleep more).

1) The last 30 minutes before bed should be a regular routine completed in roughly the same order each evening.

2) These activities should be; low energy, no screens, and should typically not extend beyond the time allotted.

3) Activities like reading a short story and all the activities associated with getting ready for bed can be great portions of the bedtime routine.

4) Watch what you eat before bed; lost of carbs or sugar before bed can keep you awake.

5) Don't exercise right before bedtime, this can result in troubles falling asleep.

6) Keep the bedroom as a dedicated location for sleep; try not to allow your child to play in their bed, try to avoid watching TV or using the computer in bed.

7) Create an ideal sleeping environment by considering; the pillows and sheets being used, the temperature, amount of light in the room and the amount of noise.

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