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Executive Functioning Training 

Applied Behaviour Consulting provides services to those with ADHD, autism as well as those struggling with complex problem solving, academic functioning and/or social interactions. 


We provide services based upon the child's and family's goals as well as assessment results in order to improve quality of life and teach the skills that matter most. Applied Behaviour Consulting will work with caregivers to determine the schedule, goals and services that best suit your family's needs.


We will work with both you and your child to;

- teach problem solving strategies

- teach planning and goal setting techniques

- increase attending to important tasks

- teach self management strategies

- improve social skills

- improve the skills required for academic success

We use evidence based interventions to help you and your child achieve these goals under the supervision of a Behaviour Analyst.


Applied Behaviour Consulting offers both parent training and one-on-one ABA services. We offer in person services for those living in the Ottawa and surrounding communities, for those who live further away we provide services via remote video session.

Girl with Teacher
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