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How is Applied Behaviour Consulting Different?

Working one on one with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

Applied Behaviour Consulting's team will work directly with you and your child to achieve the goals that  matter most.

Family Involvement

Caregivers will be a part of every session and implementing interventions outside of session time under the supervision of the Behaviour Analyst.

No minimum number of service hours

We aim to provide services that meet the needs of the family and budget while still providing effective treatment and supervision of goals.

What to Expect

Individualized goals and treatment  plans

Active participation in each session with skills for the family to practice following the session

Sessions in the home, center or community setting where the skill will be used

Ongoing assessment, consultation and support

What is ABA?

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) implements interventions which research has found to be effective to change the behaviours that matter the most to the individual. Through observing behaviour, collecting data and systematically implementing interventions based on the most relevant research we can reduce problem behaviours as well as teach a wide variety of new skills. ABA can be used to change a wide range of behaviours for anyone and everyone.

ABA and Autism

ABA has been found to be the most effective way of teaching new skills to those diagnosed with autism who may not necessarily learn these skills on their own. Applied Behaviour Consulting’s ABA services have been designed to work with the family to provide individualized resources with a focus on achieving specific goals using ABA.

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